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The data management to the auto mould business R & D and production。

Analysis and solution of management of stamping die structure design, manufacturing process planning, material procurement, production planning and production planning and other business data, data from the business itself. According to the various departments of the data requirements, to provide the necessary information sharing environment。

Workflow management fully adapt to the characteristics of mold industry。

Work flow management system to give full consideration to the mold design and manufacturing, special mould enterprises orders caused by work flow characteristic of the multi loop. The implementation of process management of both smooth and efficient and easy to change, in order to realize the optimization of business process reengineering。

Project management is the key to the solution

Production management of mould enterprises is typically implemented in accordance with the order of single project, every mold orders from design to production, debugging, are reflected in its independence, the system provides a powerful function of project management, through the formulation can provide design, specifically designed for specific process, tissue specific production processes of project management function, to facilitate the realization of lean management of order。

Full integration of CAD/CAM/CAE data

The system platform and CAD/CAM/CAE fully integrated, in order to ensure the enterprise projects related to any person in any place, at any time can be obtained by the proper, the only product information, avoiding the middle part of the information processing error which led to the product information chaos.

To support concurrent engineering, collaborative environment

Workflow features support mould manufacturing process of multi loop, support for heterogeneous computing environment, improve the efficiency of the use of a single source of product data management, implementation and monitoring process. Distributed database can be applied to large enterprises, to ensure that the data communication of heterogeneous environment, meet the requirement of the real-time data transmission。

Contains the MES data acquisition system, the production of barrier free

The MES system provides a solution of order management in a unified platform (business entry), production planning, production scheduling, material tracking and other functions, the management system and the plan level (ERP) and the integrated control system, planning, production control and close together, so as to establish the a bridge and link between the plan layer and control layer. Resource layer of DCS, PLC and other computer control system to control the production process and equipment。

To effectively support the real cost of mould precise calculation and quotation

The system can extract data in the past a lot of, the price quotation method and similar weight, fast estimation to mold manufacturing costs, provide a basis for decision making. Through the calculation of real coefficient and the mold material and mold cost, non-standard parts and standard parts, achieve the summary output total cost of mold cost calculation and project staff, assisted market quotation。

1、Detection and feature matching of automobile die industry
For the automobile die industry, product research and development is not castles in the air, the need for research and development in the existing products and technology. But the existing products do not have the mathematical model and the data information, people often need to use the reduction of measuring machine for data collection and mathematical model.
In addition, various parts of automobile body and composed mostly of sheet metal parts with free-form surfaces, the shape features, to determine the shape of the surface needs to collect a large number of data points. In the measurement of free surface condition, the scanning can be regarded as one kind of fast measurement of a large number of points and at the same time the precise definition of size, shape and location of the good method.

2、The design of measuring machine is the key to achieve high speed continuous scanning

The design of measuring machine is the key to achieve high speed continuous scanning operations. The mechanical structure and control system, drive and flotation system needs to adapt to each other and to maximize utility. For example, the mechanical body to provide the required high repeatability of rigid.
The control system is also a key point, because the control system connected with the machine body, the scanning probe, acquisition and analysis system of computer and data. Variation of surface shape recognition need as soon as possible, which can accurately track the scanning path. The speed and precision of the reaction control system, even the smallest changes, determines the efficiency of measuring machine. At the same time, the rapid, parallel data transmission, in order to ensure the measurement analysis will not lag behind.

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